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Expert Immigration Lawyers

Our service in this area provides legal advice on all  aspects related to Immigration of executives, business people and  entrepreneurs who demand fast reaction to acquire the necessary immigration  status according to the Mexican provisions. We  elaborate a precise process and a preventive report to make sure that all  permits are duly renewed within the specific periods stated by law.

We also make the arrangements to obtain USA, Australia and Latino America  Visas.

We conduct and control the entire process to  expatriate personnel and employees of our clients to have legal access to the  Mexican territory or to any part in the world.


- Immigration  Status modification
- Immigration Characteristic Modification
- Visitor non-immigrant Visa
- Authentification
- Extension Document 
- New permanent extension Document
- Tourist Extension Document FMT (Turista)
- Activity modification or extension
- Entrance or exit permit
- Enterprise modification
- Enterprise inactive modification
- Definitive exit permit
- Immigration document cancellation
- Marriage with Mexican citizen in a foreign country permit
- Entrance to the country permit