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Labor Litigation and Preventive Training

We are experts in providing effective training to key managers and subsequently they  could take wise decisions as you are confident with the low  impact results  within the Labor delicate provisions between  workers and enterprises in México.

We are experts implementing the respective prevention of Labor  Relations, reducing the labor risk contingencies within the company. Our labor lawyers:


  • Provide training to Directors and Managers of Human Resources,  Operations and Sales to treat labor contingencies appropriately 
  • Drafting and implementation of Labor Contracts & Documents
  • Personalized counseling on Labor risky situations
  • Labor Litigation and different Instances
  • Urgent Habeas Corpus Trial
  • Labor Counseling on individual and collective Contracts
  • Labor Negotiations with workers and Companies
  • Unions Negotiations
  • Labor records and legal Documents assessment
  • International Labor Contracts